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Monday, Feb 29, 2016

Changing the Way We Move Logs

For the first time in many years, the way we haul logs in BC is changing.

Together with FPInnovations, Canfor identified an innovative transportation approach and embarked on trials to test moving logs using a nine-axle B-train truck allowing us to move more volume per load. Up until now, truck hauling has taken place on six-, seven- and eight-axle trucks.

Canfor began to rethink the way we move our wood in order to find ways to address the current shortage of truck drivers and to reduce hauling costs. This innovative transportation method not only addresses these issues but also results in several benefits.

The safety, environmental and economic benefits that result from using a nine-axle B-train truck include:

  • Increased safety on the roads due to fewer trucks
  • Decreased fuel usage
  • Decreased greenhouse gas footprint
  • Increased payloads
  • Decreased hauling costs

Trials took place in December in the interior of BC and went very well. Authorization for the trial route north of Fort St. James, BC, has now been approved by government. Plans to build additional trailers and to put them to work on this route are now in place. We are in the process of making applications for additional routes as we plan to use the vehicles on these routes so that we can further expand upon the safety, environmental, and economic benefits that this transportation method provides.

A 9-axle truck with hauls logs into our Plateau mill, located in Vanderhoof, BC.

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