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Tuesday, Aug 02, 2016

Inclusion Works with the Indigenous Workforce


The Indigenous community is an important partner of Canfor and is a group with which we are focused on improving our engagement, recruitment and inclusion efforts. It is very inspiring to work for a company that treats this as a priority and also exciting to think of the positive benefits that will result from Canfor’s work in this area –both for Canfor and for the Indigenous community.

Canfor has been actively engaged in learning from best practices research in the area of Indigenous inclusion performance but has recently taken this one step further by joining the Board of Directors for the Aboriginal Human Resource Council. Our Board position demonstrates our commitment to further develop in successfully including a larger First Nations population into our workforce, and it also provides Canfor with more direct involvement with similarly focused companies to help advance the participation of Indigenous people in our workforce.

Are you an individual or company that shares the same vision to improve Indigenous inclusion performance at your company? If so, I encourage you to learn more about Inclusion Works - Canada's premier Indigenous workplace inclusion event and recruitment fair taking place November 22-24, 2016 in Banff, Alberta. Presented by the Aboriginal Human Resource Council, this event is sure to be a valuable opportunity to learn ways to increase engagements and relationships with Indigenous people, business and communities.

Advancing the participation of Indigenous people in our labour market is good for the Indigenous community and it’s good for business. We look forward to the conference to learn more about how Canfor can succeed in this area, and to the recruitment fair where we will have the opportunity to meet and inspire and ideally recruit qualified Indigenous candidates.

Learn more about Inclusion Works: http://ow.ly/QHo5302rLWH.

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