Canfor Pulp Innovation’s Technical Marketing Program (Temap) provides a signature knowledge delivery channel. Unmatched by our competitors, TEMAP comprises 2 parts:

  1. An open web resource, has the most relevant and up to date information on softwood pulp fibres obtained from expert sources: in-house, consultative and external.

  2. A unique customer service platform TEMAP provides new customers with proactive training and introduction to CPI capabilities, and existing customers with ongoing support to optimize the utilization of our pulp in their tissue product even if that means reducing the percentage they use.

Canfor Pulp’s TEMAP process brings your mill technical team, managers, buyers and executives together with our operational and scientific experts. Collaboratively we develop a unique optimization plan based on shared technical insights and your specific requirements featuring:

  • Cost reduction
  • Product performance improvements such as making softer tissue
  • Energy savings in LC refining
  • Reduced percentage of softwood kraft pulp in your products

TEMAP strengthens our customers’ bottom line, the reward for which is securing and sustaining our own.

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