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Earthquake and Tsunami Relief, Japan

The British Columbia Forest Industry is partnering with the Canadian and British Columbia governments to provide $4.5 million in reconstruction efforts following the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

These funds will be used in the construction of one or more community facilities such as a school or elderly care centre in the Tohoku region, using sustainably harvested Canadian wood products. These funds are additional to the $1.5 million provided by the Province of BC, Canfor and other major forest companies to the Red Cross for humanitarian aid.

Export Grade Products, Japan

Canfor has had a long and valued relationship with Japanese 2x4 homebuilders for more than 40 years. Canfor J Grade is our high quality export standard. Learn more about Canfor's Export Grade SPF »



We produce wood pellets that are now being used as a source of alternative energy around the world. Our pellets heat homes and power enterprise with minimal impact on the environment. Our biomass fuel products are part of our ongoing commitment to using 100 percent of the fibre we harvest and wasting nothing.

Our biomass fuel pellets are manufactured using waste material, sawmill residue and low-value fibre that would otherwise be discarded during production, effectively turning waste into warmth.

Over the past decade demand for wood pellets has grown rapidly as the benefit and viability of biomass energy has become increasingly evident. Wood pellets are now commonly used throughout Europe and in many emerging markets around the globe.

As the demand for biomass energy increases, Canfor will continue to manufacture wood pellets in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible.

We remain diligent in delivering the top quality products and services that our customers have come to rely on. By producing biomass fuel sources sustainably and promoting the use of alternative energy, we are able to serve our customers and the market, while also working towards securing a sustainable future.

We believe that wood pellets and biomass fuels bring us one step closer to solving the global dependence on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy. As the search for safe and reliable alternative energy continues, we will work towards achieving optimal efficiency throughout our manufacturing processes.

As the search for safe and effective alternative energy continues, we will work to provide solutions that achieve optimal efficiency and support sustainability.

SPF and SYP Lumber, United States

The United States is Canfor’s single largest market. Our high-quality SPF and SYP lumber is used to manufacture family homes across the country.

Approximately 45% of Canfor products are shipped to the United States. We have long-standing and valued relationships with customers throughout the supply chain, and are known for our product quality, excellence in logistics and a superior commitment to customer service. Learn more about Canfor Southern Pine and SYP Lumber »

Kunming Super E, China

The world's largest Super E project and China's largest wood frame construction project, the Kunming Super E development includes the construction of 1,700 mixed residential and recreational buildings.

Canadian forest sector representatives in China have been assisting with the construction of this project, providing technical expertise and advice to help the developer ensure a quality project. Super E is a new housing standard developed by Natural Resources Canada that utilizes state of the art construction techniques that promote energy conservation, environmentally responsible construction and healthy housing. Find out more about Super E »

Xiang'E Primary School in Dujiangya, China

The Wenchuan Earthquake of 2008 devastated the community of Dujiangyan, causing the collapse of three schools as well as numerous other buildings. As part of the Canadian effort to aid in reconstruction, the BC forest sector built a primary school in the community using wood frame construction – an advantageous construction method in areas prone to earthquakes.

In June 2008, the Canadian and British Columbia governments announced a CDN$8 million project to build wood-frame buildings to help the survivors of China's May 12, 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.

The project involves constructing permanent wood-frame public facilities, including the Xiang’E Primary School. Made from 100% Canadian structural lumber and using modern wood frame construction technology, all the structures are designed and assembled locally in China. 

Tianjin (TEDA) Apartment Buildings, China

The four-storey TEDA apartment complexes are being constructed as one of four wood frame demonstration projects under a memorandum of understanding signed between the Governments of Canada and British Columbia and the Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

The project showcases the versatility and cost-effectiveness of wood frame construction in multi-family applications, which represent most of China’s residential construction. Work began on the project in March 2011, and will represent 6000 square metres of mid-priced residential housing.

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