Population: 3,100  Average real estate: $270,000

Why Chetwynd, BC

This charming community carved out of the lush natural environment of the surrounding Peace River Country invites a laid-back pace, but offers much to see and do.

Set in beautiful Peace River Country, Chetwynd is a regional hub for arts and culture with the majestic Rocky Mountain peaks rising in the distance.  Pristine and peaceful, this northern BC community provides the quintessential small town Canadian experience.

The rich natural environment is the lifeblood of the region both economically and recreationally. Oil, gas and mineral exploration, cattle farming, wind energy and forestry drive the local economy. Chetwynd is a magnet for international tourists scouting for a great Canadian outdoor experience.  With its snowy peaks and stunning hikes, as well as an abundance of rivers and lakes, swimmers, anglers, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts are spoiled for choice. 


The chainsaw carving contest has produced over 90 woodcarvings of indigenous animals and local scenes, including the 3-metre tall centerpiece of the town and local mascot, The Little Giant of the Big Peace.

The region’s frontier past lends a distinct flavour to Chetwynd, visible in the town’s architecture and brought to life by the Little Prairie Heritage Museum. The area is also home to a blooming arts scene with public art and private galleries. However, Chetwynd is probably most famous for its annual international chainsaw carving competition.

Chetwynd is an appealing community for any young family with modestly priced homes and a score of big city amenities including an excellent health care system and great schools. Just ask the Little Giant—he’ll tell you. 

For more information on the area go to http://www.gochetwynd.com/