Donation Guidelines

Community Giving

Canfor and its employees are active and supportive members of the communities in which we operate. We want our neighbours and our employees to feel that their community is stronger because Canfor is a part of it.

We are proud of our long tradition of supporting events and organizations – particularly those that benefit children and youth – and which provide health and wellness, benefits for our employees, their families, and their communities. 

Financial Donations

We receive a high volume of requests for funding each year. To keep up with these requests, and to ensure that all of the information needed for payment is provided, Canfor manages all donation applications through our online application form

Applications should be submitted only once, and they will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants should expect a response within 2-6 weeks. Given the volume of requests we receive, we are unable to accommodate requests for funding on short notice, nor are we able to fast-track the review process. Please apply as early as possible.

Subject to available funding, our donations program places priority on:

  • Youth amateur sports;
  • Youth clubs such as 4-H, high school rodeo and similar clubs;
  • Selected community events;
  • Indigenous cultural events.

Please note that the following are not eligible for funding:

  • Association meetings or conferences;
  • Groups, events, or activities without a direct connection to our operating communities and to the forest products industry;
  • Individual requests for educational sponsorship outside our established scholarship programs;
  • Professional sporting events or competitions;
  • Enhancements to public or private school property;
  • International travel, accommodation, or meal expenses, including for educational purposes; or,
  • Individual participation in charity fundraising drives;
  • Individual participation in charity walks, runs, or rides.

Funding decisions will be made strategically in order to ensure that funds are distributed equitably between our operating communities, and to ensure that our donations contribute to our core ideals of supporting children and youth programs, and providing benefits for our employees and their communities.

To submit an application for funding please complete our online application form.

Lumber Donations

Any requests for lumber donations will be considered in the same manner as financial donation requests and will be subject to the same guidelines as well as product availability. Donations will be coordinated with our nearest sawmill. Recipients will be responsible for transport and/or pickup.

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