About Canfor Pulp Innovation

Canfor Pulp’s long standing commitment to Innovation is delivered through the Canfor Pulp Innovation (CPI) facility, its open innovation program and the signature TEMAP knowledge delivery channel.

CPI’s mandate is to “search and apply” collaborative innovation. To do so we partner with global experts whose capabilities extend across multiple disciplines that are relevant to our customers’ interests. The projects we undertake at CPI are significant both in terms of scope and impact simply because of the scale and nature of our business as well as our product applications. The scientific rigour we apply from laboratory research through to mill trials and implementation ensures new solutions, technical fit and mutual success. We aim to provide an extension to our customer’s innovation teams creating value through partnership to deliver sustainable business value.

Refiners are the critical technical intersection point between our pulp and our customer’s paper machines. CPI’s refining community is second to none globally comprising in house pilot plant capability, internationally recognized expertise, and technical partnerships with leading suppliers. CPI is collaborating on the next generation of refining and also developing optimized refining solutions for our customers.

CPI’s technical collaboration with Voith’s Tissue Innovation Center establishes Canfor Pulp at the forefront of NBSK suppliers in tissue.