Available only at Canfor Pulp, Mihari is a suite of technology providing the next generation in pulp quality management, process control and ready-to-use customer information. This unparalleled quality management system monitors pulp properties and supports continuous improvement in the pulp quality we produce.

From measuring fibre and pulp quality, and monitoring finished pulp for possible contaminants, Mihari’s specialized software transforms the data into information for operational control and pulp customer quality certificates. With Mihari, Canfor Pulp can provide even our most quality-sensitive customers with an unmatched level of quality assurance.

What is Mihari?

For the first time ever a pulp mill has total quality monitoring through the pulp process. This system is specifically designed to fit our customers demanding and high quality technical specifications, providing quality infomation and online Certificate of Analysis to our customers earlier in the process. OUR CUSTOMERS WILL ALWAYS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WILL RECEIVE, BEFORE IT EVEN LEAVES THE MILL.

What are the benefits of Mihari?
With Mihari in place 100% of finished pulp shipped from our Prince George mills is quality tested. This cutting edge technology replaces the industry standard of sample testing less than 1% of the finished pulp. Canfor Pulp can now guarantee that every bale of pulp shipped will meet or exceed the exact grade or required technical specification before the product leaves the mill. The technology provides an unmatched level of quality assurance, and gives customers the most detailed and accurate online information on pulp shipments.
What is behind Mihari?

A $9.5 million capital investment and 50 years of experience from Canfor Pulp, producer of one of the world’s strongest premium reinforcing pulps and kraft papers.

Pulp Eye

Measures pulp characteristics: Fibre length, pH, Kappa, Pulp brightness and consistency. 

Valmet Process Quality Visions System

Measures dirt and shives in 100% of finished pulp. 

Data Integration Software


Optimizes products across all Canfor Pulp operations by allowing the systems and mill processes to work together to deliver key information to our customers online.


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