Canfor Pulp—a global leader in pulp, paper and biomass energy production

Canfor Pulp manufactures one of the highest quality pulp products available in the world – used to make strong durable products on its own, our premium reinforcing pulp is also mixed with lower grade pulps to improve the strength and versatility. We are North America’s largest producer of market NBSK pulp products and the world’s largest provider of fully bleached, high-performance Kraft paper.

We operate responsibly with global vision and a forward-thinking approach to satisfying world market demands. We will continue working to improve the quality and efficiency of our operations and continue delivering the highest-quality products and services available in the industry.

Canfor Pulp is a recognized leader in sustainable practices and energy management. We are proud of our position on the forefront of the industry and will continue to lead by design, with intent and through innovation.

We are committed to sustainability and the future of our environment. As a result of these efforts we are now one of North America’s largest single producers of renewable bioenergy.

We’ve built our business on a reputation for reliable customer service and products with superior performance capabilities and consistent quality. We will continue working hard to provide maximum value to our clients.