Canfor RED

Canfor has more forests in areas with limited exposure to the mountain pine beetle than any other manufacturer of Western SPF lumber. This allows us to offer limited quantities of Canfor RED SPF and Douglas Fir/Larch lumber, which offers fibre appearance benefits in addition to the same grades and high structural performance of other Canfor lumber products.

Fibre Supply

Canfor has made strategic investments in British Columbia to improve its fibre profile and stabilize its supply in light of the mountain pine beetle infestation. We have more fibre in areas with limited exposure to the beetle than any other manufacturers.

This allows us to offer limited quantities of unique SPF and Douglas Fir/ Larch lumber we call Canfor RED. Found in a special red wrap, Canfor RED lumber has the same grades and structural performance as Canfor Classic, with appearance benefits because the trees come from regions largely unaffected by the mountain pine beetle.

Whether you are a pro or a do-it-yourselfer, Canfor RED is a great choice for projects requiring a quality appearance.

Mountain Pine Beetle

The mountain pine beetle is a natural element of British Columbia's interior pine forests, and has been kept in check by cold temperatures and forest fires. A recent abundance of mature lodgepole pine, combined with recent mild winters have led to an unprecedented epidemic.

Wood from trees killed by the beetles can be used for anything from standard framing lumber to value-added wood products. Wood affected by mountain pine beetle has a blue or grey stain that has no effect on the wood's strength properties, but can affect the appearance.

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