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Our dimension lumber is in demand around the globe– sustainably produced from a renewable resource that grows from the sun, our quality products are ideal in residential, commercial and multi-family construction.

We are one of the world’s largest lumber producers – our top-quality spruce-pine-fir and southern yellow pine lumber offer consistent performance.

We aim to cultivate, foster and maintain strong working relationships with stakeholders and First Nations people in the areas we operate in.

Our Canfor RED lumber line is a unique SPF lumber product offered exclusively by Canfor. Canfor’s RED line offers additional appearance benefits that are suited to applications where aesthetic appeal is a consideration.


Our Western Canadian operations produce quality spruce-pine-fir lumber from our sustainably managed forestlands. Our SPF lumber ships across North America and around the globe.

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Our operations in the US Southeast produce superior southern yellow pine lumber, used in construction across America and around the globe.

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Canfor and our products

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