Solid and Finger Joined Studs

Our solid and finger joined SYP studs meet ALSC grade rules. Depending on requirements our studs are stamped No. 2 and manufactured with 100% Heat Resistant Adhesive.

Benefits of Canfor Finger Joined studs:

  • Virtually free of warp, twist and wane
  • Reduces waste on the job site
  • Allows for quicker framing
  • Superior stability and consistency
Finger Joined Technical Specifications:
Species Size Length Grade
SYP 2 x 4 90" - 144" N0. 2 Vertical Use
SYP 2 x 6 90" - 144" N0. 2 Vertical Use

Packaging: Paper wrapping available with attached dunnage.
Shipments: Truck.

Canfor finger joined studs are interchangeable with solid studs of the same species and visual grades, including stud and #2. As specified on the grade stamp - vertical use only. The finger joined studs cannot be used in horizontal applications such as floor joists or rafters.

Canfor uses a glue that has been approved as a heat resistant adhesive (HRA) by the American Lumber Standard Committee board of review, using Method A of the American Wood Council’s Elevated- Temperature Adhesive Qualification Procedure.

  • SPFSolidFJSLge
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