We take a renewable resource grown with the power of the sun and turn virtually 100% of it into useful, sustainable products.

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100% Utilization =
  • 47%Finished Lumber
    Finished Lumber

    Close to half of our fibre becomes high-value finished lumber, ideal for residential and commercial construction. Wood is the only natural building product – its renewable, recyclable and stores carbon throughout its life cycle.

  • 30%Chips

    • Pulp & Paper
    • Energy

    Wood chips produced by our sawmills are a valuable resource that provide the raw material needed to produce high-quality pulp and paper, as well as generating green energy.

  • 14%Sawdust & Shavings

    • Pellets
    • Energy
    Sawdust & Shavings

    Sawdust and shavings – once burned in inefficient beehive burners - are now recovered and used to generate energy in our facilities, or are converted into wood pellets that are exported as a green, renewable energy source.

  • 5%Bark

    • Pellets
    • Energy

    Bark, too, is collected and used for renewable biomass energy to heat and power our operations in place of fossil fuels. Some of the bark we recover also makes its way into wood pellets.

  • 4%Trim Ends

    • Finger Joined Studs
    Trim Ends

    The ends we trim off finished lumber are collected and remanufactured into finger-joined lumber, an engineered wood product that allows more of the fibre to be used for high-value products.