Population: 163 Average real estate: $358,458

Why Elko, BC

Slight in size but perfectly placed, Elko is one of BC’s well-hidden treasures.

Tucked in at the base of the Rockies, on a sunny plateau over 900 metres above sea level, Elko’s geography creates a scene like none other.

Only 23 km from the US border on the southeastern edge of BC, this sawmill community rests easily under a soaring canopy of Rocky Mountains skies. With its proximity to the nearby larger communities of Fernie and Cranbrook, there is a welcoming combination of affordable living, modern amenities, cultural and community events and stunning landscapes where a rich quality of life can be had.

For the outdoor enthusiast, the activities in this region are endless, offering something for everyone, including a nearby National and Provincial Parks, landscapes which host stunning rivers, exceptional hiking and walking trails, mountain fishing and world-class ski resorts.

To the southeast of Elko is British Columbia’s Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park, one of three parks that comprise the “Crown of the Continent”—stunning landscapes sculpted by biological, geological and climatic factors found nowhere else in North America.

The park is home to the highest peak in the Clark Range, a thriving grizzly bear population, and is a magnificent venue for camping, horseback riding and fishing. Great fishing can be found all around Elko, and at the nearby Kootenay and Bull Rivers, which wander through its unspoiled wilderness.

Elko is known primarily for logging and is home to our modern mill that provides employment to most of the town’s residents. However, this tight-knit Rocky Mountain community has much more to offer, including easy access to the legendary Fernie Alpine Resort only 20 minutes to the north.

Perched on nature’s doorstep, Elko warmly welcomes travellers en route to outdoor adventures and good experiences.

Elko is a great place for anyone looking to find a truly authentic outdoor experience.

For more information on the area go to http://www.elko.ca/