Population: 21,465 Average real estate: $384,738

Why Fort St. John, BC

If the stunning sight of the Aurora Borealis that shimmers over Fort St. John doesn’t win you over, then the city’s eclectic mix of events and activities certainly will.

With everything from arts and crafts to high-octane outdoor adventure, Fort St. John is known locally as BC’s Energetic City.  Thriving theaters, galleries and craft fairs make Fort St. John, and nearby Taylor, BC, a magnet for artists and artisans alike while the city’s picturesque locale, on the prairies north of the Peace River, proves an irresistible lure to outdoor adventurers.


Experience one of the world’s natural wonders. Truly awe-inspiring, the Northern Lights can be seen best in the winter months when the days are shortest.

The surrounding landscape is speckled with calm lakes and untouched rivers, a dream to any boating or fishing enthusiast. Hike the formidable terrain and dirt trails in the summer when the sun shines warm, then sled along the same snow-covered route once the winter weather arrives.

Just east of the Rocky Mountains, Fort. St. John enjoys long glorious summers and extended frost-free periods that are perfect for farming. One of Fort St. John’s most successful industries is agriculture, and locals often boast of bumper crops that can be grown virtually nowhere else in the province.

For more information on the area go to http://www.fortstjohn.ca/