Population: 265  Average real estate: $112,000

Why Fulton, AL

Fulton Alabama is a small southern town with a whole lot of value.

This community in Clarke County is all about family, community and well, good old down home values. While the total area of Fulton town proper extends to only about 2.5 square miles, the town’s 300 or so permanent residents always extend a warm welcome to visitors and a helping hand to anyone who asks.

Locals can find, buy or borrow just about anything they need in town and for anything extra they can always rely on a little help from friends and neighbors in a number of nearby communities. There are a total of 8 cities within 10 miles of Fulton, all with something different to add or offer to the area’s culture and commerce.

On weekends you might catch a southern-style BBQ, a seasonal ball or a benefit to support Fulton’s Volunteer Fire Department. If you’re looking to catch a little more excitement, you may need to travel, but fortunately not too far. Located just under 80 miles from Fulton, Mobile is brimming with big-city amenities, attractions, life and lights. The birthplace of the American Mardi Gras, Mobile is a southern hub known for its family-friendly Carnival season celebrations and countless cultural attractions.

The town of Fulton stands tall and proud supported by a community that stands together. In Fulton residents greet one another with first names or familiar smiles and happily invest their time, energy and resources in the community. In most cities spring cleaning days are spent tidying the home to make it more livable for a select few. In Fulton spring cleaning brings the entire community together to tidy a whole town and make it more livable for one and all.

A family-focused and community-first approach shape the culture and drive the people of Fulton, but are not the only great values inherent to the town. This tight community in southwestern Alabama features a cost of living much more affordable than the rest of the country, nearly 25% lower than the US average, and a median household income much higher than the state average. And when it’s time to purchase a home in Fulton, the price is right. The average cost of a home in Fulton is a modest $49,900 which makes living in Fulton a great value in itself.

Fulton, Alabama—where family values and community come first and living well won’t break the bank.