Population: 186,908 Average real estate: $136,000

Why Mobile, AL

Mobile is a prospering port city full of history, tradition, charm and character. This vibrant community on the Gulf Coast has a unique and diverse culture all its own.

A modern and progressive mini-metropolis, Mobile’s close ties to a centuries-old heritage and mixed European roots resonate throughout the city. British, Spanish and French colonial influences mix and marry with Southern and Native American culture, creating a lively, multicultural community that loves to celebrate.


Established as the capital of colonial French Louisiana in 1702, Mobile’s historical significance traces back to well before the country was founded.

Prior to becoming part of the United States in 1813, rule of Mobile Bay was often contested. In the first century of its settlement, the ruling power shifted from the French to the British to the Spanish. Mobile endured these power struggles only to thrive and become one of the South’s most important economic and cultural centres.

A modern day melting pot and mix of old and new, Mobile has many historic districts and centuries-old streets lined with giant oak trees nearly as old as the city itself. Well-maintained and restored historic architecture in a wide range of styles reflects the city’s storied heritage and cultural diversity. Additionally an abundance of arts and cultural attractions await exploration, enlighten visitors and celebrate Mobile’s rich history. Area attractions include a symphony, an opera, a theatre for performing arts and a playhouse in the park, as well as many museums that are a testament to Mobile’s diverse heritage.

The American birthplace of Mardi Gras, Mobile comes alive during carnival season, as parties and parades fill the city with family-friendly fun and celebrations suited to all ages.

While carnival season offers unrivalled parties, Mobile is vibrant and exciting all year round. Numerous nightlife options entertain all those of age, while area restaurants specialize in southern–style fare and offer an assortment of fresh-caught Gulf seafood delicacies.

Mobile’s subtropical climate and the surrounding area’s white sand beaches and warm turquoise water contribute to a thriving tourist industry. When the sun shines, residents and visitors alike enjoy some of the Gulf of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches. 

This southern hub is hospitable, warm and inviting. There’s plenty to explore and plenty of pleasant surprises just waiting to be discovered. Discover Mobile and you’ll discover a community with whole lot to celebrate.

 For more information on the area go to http://www.cityofmobile.org/