Population: 14,655 Average real estate: $114,950

Why Moultrie, GA

Moultrie, the largest city of Colquitt County and the third-largest city in Southern Georgia, is the ‘City of Southern Living’ with its sought-after warm climate and friendly people.

Colquitt County is Georgia’s number one agricultural community which makes Moultrie ideally situated for those who like to buy locally grown produce. In the summer it is as green as it gets since this county grows more fresh produce of all the state’s 159 counties.

Moultrie has a strong sense of community, one that is family-oriented and valuing personal achievement and traditional values. The community takes pride in its industries, schools, churches and award-winning Main Street program and has a top-notch school system that stresses personal excellence.


Moultrie is located in Colquitt Country, sometimes called the ‘salad bowl of Georgia’ since it grows more fresh produce of all the state’s 159 counties.

If you’re looking for an exceptional quality of life, Moultie is a place to establish some roots. Along with its diversified community and housing prices below the US average, Moultrie was recently rated by the American Chamber of Commerce as one of the most affordable places to live in Georgia.

Moultrie’s mild climate is ideal for the year-round golfer, angler or any outdoor enthusiast. With the Florida Gulf coast only a two-hour drive away, many residents travel to the coast to enjoy saltwater fishing and their beach homes.

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