Population: 18,548  Average real estate: $183,746

Why Thomasville, GA

Just north of the Florida border, the historic city of Thomasville is known as the ‘City of Roses’ with over 500 varieties of rose bushes throughout the city. Rose growers from all around flock to the city in April for its annual Rose Festival, a tradition since the 1920s and a time to enjoy the abundance of beauty and aromas the flower has to offer.

Thomasville was also once known as the ‘Winter Resort of the South’ and the place where affluent northerners visited to escape the winter. And with land costs being less than hotel prices, the wealthy built cottages, better described as Victorian mansions. Once the railroad extended south, the wealthy left their magnificent winter homes for the newly accessible Sunshine State of Florida.

There’s much more to Thomasville than just stopping to smell the roses. One of Georgia’s hidden gems, Thomasville may be small but there’s always something to do in Thomasville. Claimed to be, “Never Ordinary. Always Extraordinary,” Thomasville has a vibrant and charming downtown with brick-lined streets from yesteryear that become home to many outdoor events and festivals.


In the late 1800s, wealthy northerners flocked to Thomasville for their health, breathing the pine-scented air as a curative for pulmonary ailments.

Thomasville is popular with outdoor-enthusiasts, bird watchers and anyone who enjoys southern hospitality or the warmth of a southern breeze.

Whether it be the rolling green hills, the whistling Bobwhite quail among the pines, or the never-ending sight of roses, Thomasville’s natural beauty is endless.

For more information on the area go to http://www.thomasville.org