Population: 631,486  Average real estate: $1,313,400

Why Vancouver, BC

Grand, green and clean, Vancouver is a piece of perfection on the southern coast of British Columbia.

The city of Vancouver is both a natural beauty and a progressive urban centre, peppered with beaches, green spaces and glimmering glass towers that reach from sea to sky.


Consistently ranked atop “World’s Most Livable” lists, Vancouver is a city committed to all things “R n R”, outdoorsy and environmental. It aims to become the world’s “single greenest city” by 2020.

It is one of those rare places on earth…idyllic and electric all at once.

Citywide access to ocean-side seawalls, which snake through its ubiquitous parks and along its many beaches, assures residents that moments of tranquility are always close at hand.

Vancouver has one of Canada’s mildest climates, allowing days to be devoted to outdoor pursuits, health and wellness. Once night falls on the city however, a very different scene pulses to life with options for laughter or libation, cuisine or culture, and action or entertainment. Vancouver boasts countless choices for culturally diverse, world-class cuisine, a flourishing cocktail scene and an inventory of arts and entertainment events.

Pick your pleasure, Van City offers a nook, a neighborhood or a niche for one and all.

During the spring and summer months it is arguably the world’s most magnificent city. Sure, the rest of the year it rains a little…however locals seem to accept this as fair exchange for the lush landscape, a breathtaking bloom that returns each spring and an endless supply of fresh air and clean water.

Vancouver—a natural jewel shining bright in “Beautiful BC”. 

For more information on the area go to http://vancouver.ca/