Population: 4,346 Average real estate: $239,099

Why Vanderhoof, BC

A compact community at the heart of BC, Vanderhoof has a lot to offer and whole lot to love.

Vanderhoof is a close-knit community in one of the province’s most fertile regions. So rich are the soils and so agreeable is the climate that with a little care and attention, everything thrives here. Canola, wheat and hay are a few of the cash crops grown locally while the expansive forests in the region have long sustained the local forest industry.

But Vanderhoof offers much more than agriculture and forestry. Tourism is increasing in the area with visitors drawn to its impressive scenery and a surplus of wilderness retreats found in the region where accommodations range from rugged and rustic to full-comfort and class.


Just south of Vanderhoof, in a backcountry playground known as Big River Country, a myriad of lakes, rivers and falls serve as a waterpark without admission fees for all to enjoy.

A perfect fit for those who love the outdoors, literally hundreds of hiking trails crisscross the landscape and provide ample opportunity to watch the area’s wildlife, which include moose, deer, cougar, bear and elk, as well as millions of migratory birds that take sanctuary along the Nechako River as it meanders through the valley.

Find a warm welcome when you find your way to Vanderhoof.

For more information on the area go to http://www.vanderhoof.ca/