Population: 3,784  Average real estate: $120,872

Why Washington, GA

The town of Washington is nestled approximately 100 miles east of Atlanta, and midway between Athens and Georgia. This small town’s rich history includes being the first city in the US that was established by George Washington, which took place in 1780. Locals of today often refer to their town now as Washington-Wilkes, to distinguish it from any other Washington in the United States.

In addition to being the first to receive Washington’s name, the town also claims to have the most antebellum homes per any other city of its size in Georgia and these historic homes tell stories of life before the Civil War.


The Washington area is thought to be the site where the remaining Confederate gold is buried. Worth approximately $100,000 in 1865, it would now be worth around $1 million!

The town’s lively history also includes being only 12 miles from where one of the most important battles of the American Revolutionary War to be fought in Georgia.

While surrounded by rich history, when in Washington-Wilkes, you’ll find yourself surrounded by natural beauty and reap the benefits of a relaxed pace of life.

For more information on the area go to www.cityofwashingtonga.gov