Building strong working relationships

We are committed to building strong working relationships with Indigenous people in support of their interests and cultural values.

We promote productive partnerships and economic opportunities for Indigenous people through joint ventures, cooperative agreements and collaborative initiatives within the industry. We enjoy successful business arrangements with Indigenous groups, as well as fibre supply agreements with First Nations bands that provide access to timber on land in their traditional territory.

We take a proactive approach to community engagement with Indigenous communities and the open exchange of information in support of local interests. We encourage members of the Indigenous community to participate in our Public Advisory groups and to communicate any local knowledge that may help us to protect their culture and environment.

Through community involvement and communication we identify, track and manage sites considered to be sacred or spiritually important and take measures to preserve the sanctity of these environments.

We operate primarily on publicly owned lands in Canada. We understand that in certain areas where we operate Indigenous groups may have unresolved tenure rights or. In all cases with potential for conflict we work to provide solutions deemed acceptable by all parties involved.