Objectives & Targets for 2016 — Canfor Pulp

Certified Products

  • Combine FSC and PEFC certification audits in 2016.
  • Achieve an overall certified fibre supply level of 83%.

Renewable energy

  • Convert mechanical steam drives on the pulp machine and white water system to high efficiency electrical drives at the Intercon mill to increase power generation by 2 MW.
  • Increase renewable energy generation to 1 million MWh.
  • Reduced natural gas consumption for boiler operations by 10% from 2015 levels.


  • Implement Oxygen Delignification at the Intercon Mill to reduce AOX discharge in mill effluent.
  • Implement new sludge press technology at the Taylor Mill to reduce moisture level in effluent solids to facilitate land application and provide other disposal alternatives.


  • Meet the company-wide medical incident rate of 2.0 or lower.

Community and People

  • Implement a First Nations recruitment and selection process to identify and support potential First Nations’ candidates.
  • Expand partnerships with First Nations through activities coordinated through a company-wide First Nations Working Group.
  • Expand high school and post-secondary partnerships that focus on supporting First Nations students.
  • Host community events in all of our operating communities.
  • Establish high school scholarships for forestry and trades related studies in all of our operating communities.
  • Continue to enhance the new skills development and training program to facilitate effective and safe performance of tasks.