Canfor recognizes the value to our employees, our customers and our stakeholders that comes with building a diverse and inclusive organization.

Canfor promotes diversity by valuing and leveraging the unique strengths and experiences in all of our employees and partners – including gender, race, political belief, physical ability, sexual orientation, age and experience.

We are particularly committed to our partnerships with the First Nations in our communities and to the value they bring to our business. Canfor works with First Nations and educational institutions to develop initiatives that support First Nations in acquiring knowledge and skills that will prepare them for employment with Canfor and our contractors. Our goal is to increase First Nations representations in the Canfor workforce to a level proportional to their working population in British Columbia.

We actively support the advancement of women in the forest products Industry, and are committed to seeking diversity in the collaborations we forge and in our supply chain. In 2015, we entered into a partnership with Minerva Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization that is dedicated to changing the face of leadership in BC and elevating the visibility, influence and contributions of women leaders.

Canfor demonstrated our support of women in leadership when our CEO joined 11 CEOs from some of BC’s largest employers in the signing of a CEO Pledge committing to creating opportunities that support women's advancement and leadership in their organizations. In 2016 we will continue to build upon our efforts to attract and develop women in our industry through the attraction of diverse candidate pools and the development of female leaders.