Forest Stewardship Council

An annual surveillance audit in October 2015 found that Canfor’s East Kootenays operations met the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council’s BC Standard. The Forest Management 2015 Annual Audit Report presents the findings of an independent team of specialists, which are based on office and field reviews and interviews with key stakeholders.

The team viewed areas with active logging and water crossings, and sites with a range of values. They notified community, tourism and environmental stakeholders, unions, municipalities and all Aboriginal communities with a known interest in the forest. The audit noted that several stakeholders had commended Canfor staff on their outreach, and their willingness and responsiveness to work with stakeholders throughout planning.

The audit found Canfor had addressed all non-conformances identified in the 2014 full assessment audit, and it identified two new minor non-conformances related to the poor quality of two decommissioned culverts and the need to update a 2008 assessment related to cultural and conservation values.