Performance Against 2015 Targets — Canfor Pulp

Certified Products

Objective Performance

Incorporate the Taylor Mill into Canfor Pulp’s Multi-site FSC Controlled Wood Chain-of-Custody Certification.

Achieved. Taylor was certified to Canfor Pulp’s Multi-site FSC Controlled Wood Chain-of-Custody Certification and PEFC chain of custody.

Achieve an overall certified fibre supply level of 82%.

Achieved. Overall certified fibre supply to the four mills was 82%.

Renewable Energy

Objective Performance

Identify thermal energy savings opportunities from pulp manufacturing to achieve a 5% reduction at our Northwood facility.

Extensive study conducted to identify thermal energy optimization at Northwood, including capital plans for 2016.

Increase renewable energy generation to 1 million MWh.

Total renewable energy generation 910,993 MWh, just short of the target.

Start the new 32-MW turbine-generator at the Intercontinental mill in Q1. 



Objective Performance

Reduce water consumption by 5% per unit of pulp produced at each mill.

Northwood reduced water consumption by 2.5%; consumption remained the same or increased slightly at the other three mills.

Identify specific opportunities to reduce solid waste through ash reduction in biomass boiler operations and fibre loss reductions in the pulping processes.

Achieved. Boiler ash re-injection system reduced solid waste at Intercontinental.


Objective Performance

Meet the company-wide medical incident rate of 2.0 or lower.

MIR for Canfor Pulp was 2.12.

Community & People

Objective Performance

Expand partnerships with First Nations through activities coordinated through a company-wide First Nations Working Group.

Achieved. Activities included three pulp mill tours for First Nations students, attendance at nine career fairs and 14 cultural awareness workshops; a business matchup session, and a range of sponsorships.

Host community events in all of our operating communities.

Community events held in Canadian operating communities, and employee events held in US operating communities.

Meet with mayor of each operating community.

Met with mayors in each of our Canadian locations and some of the US locations.

Establish high school scholarships for forestry and trades related studies in all of our operating communities.

Have scholarships in place at all Canadian locations, and establishing them at US locations.

Support the 2015 Canada Winter Games for our north central BC communities, including a program for high school students.

Achieved. Sponsored Games, welcomed visitors at Canfor House, hosted 500 students from north central communities.

Continue to enhance the new skills development and training program to facilitate effective and safe performance of tasks.

Achieved. Established a leadership development program as well as Canfor College, an internal skills development program, with more than 1,360 participants in the various courses offered in 2015.