This is the first online sustainability report for Canfor and Canfor Pulp.

The format makes it easier for readers to identify specific indicators and find the supporting information. It is Canfor Corporation’s 14th sustainability report; our fourth to the comprehensive Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for sustainability reporting; and our second combined report with Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (Canfor Pulp). Canfor Pulp produced its first sustainability report in 2010.

While Canfor and Canfor Pulp remain separate companies, Canfor holds a 50.5% interest in Canfor Pulp, and management activities are being integrated to increase efficiency through a shared services model and leverage purchasing power. Don Kayne is CEO of both companies, and Michael Korenberg is chair of the Canfor Corporation and Canfor Pulp boards.

This report embraces all Canfor and Canfor Pulp operations from January 1 to December 31, 2014. Canfor’s solid wood manufacturing businesses include Canadian Forest Products Ltd. and Canfor Southern Pine, a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States. When phased purchase agreements of Scotch Gulf Lumber in Alabama, Beadles/Balfour Lumber in Georgia and Southern Lumber in Mississippi are concluded, we will include these operations in our sustainability reporting.

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The Ultimate Sustainable Industry

In 2014, Canfor planted 66 million trees!