Canfor Pulp

Energy Management

Canfor Pulp made great strides in 2014 toward our goal to becoming energy self-sufficient. We are one of the largest single producers of bioenergy in North America. In 2013, we replaced two turbine generators (37 MW and 32 MW) at the Northwood Mill, and in 2014 we installed a new 32 MW unit at the Intercon Mill, which is scheduled to come on line in the first quarter of 2015. Our modern kraft pulp mills operate as a large-scale biorefinery that efficiently manufacture premium pulp while minimizing waste and ecological impact. The steam required for manufacturing pulp and renewable power generation are generated in the biomass boilers.


New turbine at Intercontinental Pulp

In 2014, Canfor Pulp continued to delivery renewable power through long-term agreements with BC Hydro under their Integrated Power Offer that encourages pulp and paper producers to invest in energy efficiency and biomass power generation. Canfor Pulp generated 935,000 MWh of renewable energy in 2014.


Canfor Pulp: Natural Gas Consumption


We have been reducing natural gas consumption at our mills for two decades. There was a recent increase in the last two years due to some operating issues but we expect to see continued positive results in 2015. Canfor Pulp has reduced greenhouse gas intensity by 47% since 1990.