Objectives and Targets for 2015: Canfor

Forestry and Manufacturing

  • Reduce the number of harvest and road trespasses by 10%.
  • Reduce the number of riparian management incidents by 10%.
  • Reduce the number of occurrences of sedimentation and/or disruption of water flow in fish bearing streams by 10%.
  • Reduce the number of incidents where herbicide is applied outside of a treatment area by 10%.
  • Reduce the number of forestry fuel management incidents by 10%.
  • Continue efforts to establish sustainable solutions to historical and ongoing wood residue accumulations of woody debris at our sawmill sites.
  • Test a higher capacity log yard debris and screening system at one sawmill to reduce landfill quantities. If successful, implement it at other sawmills.

Energy Efficiency

  • Continue implementing our energy use reduction plan for solid wood facilities, including a 10% reduction in electricity use per unit of sawmill production over 2015 and 2016.


  • Achieve a company-wide medical incident rate of 2.0 or lower.
  • Introduce a safety monitor program to communicate safety updates and other important information, and test it in several facilities.


  • Expand partnerships with First Nations through activities coordinated through a company-wide First Nations Working Group.
  • Host community events in all of our operating communities.
  • Meet with mayor of each operating community.
  • Establish high school scholarships for forestry and trades related studies in all of our operating communities.
  • Support the 2015 Canada Winter Games for our north central BC communities, including a program for high school students.
  • Continue to enhance the new skills development and training program to facilitate effective and safe performance of tasks.