Performance against 2014 targets: Canfor Pulp

Certified Products

Objective Performance
Work with two or more local woodlot owners encouraging them to consider adopting FSC certification and supplying fibre to Canfor Pulp. Target achieved. We increased deliveries of FSC-certified fibre to our mills, and are able to provide customers with FSC Mix Credit pulp.
Achieve an overall certified fibre supply level of 82% in 2014. Target not achieved. The level of certified fibre was 78%, down from 80% in 2013 due to the closure of our Quesnel operation, and the impact of trading chips from other facilities.


Objective Performance
Identify specific opportunities to reduce the water consumption per unit of pulp production at each mill. Target achieved. We identified opportunities and are reviewing projects for capital planning.

Energy Efficiency

Objective Performance
Reduce the level of fossil fuel use in our total energy mix to below 10%.  Target achieved.


Objective Performance
Meet the company-wide medical incident rate level of 2.0 or lower. Target not achieved. Canfor Pulp MIR for 2014 was 2.43.


Objective Performance
Continue to work with local educational establishments in the development of skilled tradespeople. Target achieved. We continued our trade development program, with local education institutes. We also have 24 trades apprenticeships at our mills.
Implement a program of skills development and training for existing employees to address the demographic challenge currently underway. Target achieved. We launched our skills development and training program, and have achieved excellent results. Employees have embraced our innovative training approaches.