Canfor Pulp


Our significant capital investment improved air emissions from our three Prince George mills, and delivered a 40% reduction in particulate discharge. This is fully in line with the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable’s goal for reduced emissions from all major sources in the airshed by 2016.

During 2014, Canfor Pulp continued to support an interactive air quality kiosk at Prince George’s Exploration Place science centre so residents can see how the city’s air quality is improving. The kiosk uses a touch screen to access real-time air quality data from monitors installed on the roof of the science centre. We have invested more than $180 million in three significant air quality improvement projects at our Prince George mills, and studies by FPInnovations found this has led to a significant drop in the percentage of time odour is detectable.

Capital projects such as the installation of an electrostatic precipitator at Prince George Mill #1 power boiler has improved air quality in Prince George.