Independent Certification

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Canfor’s operations located in the Alberta Forest Management Area are held by Daishowa-Marubeni International (DMI), and are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. A certificate of registration issued in 2012 expires in October 2015.

In October 2014, an audit team found the DMI Peace River Pulp Woodlands operations, harvest and silviculture operations of embedded conifer holders, and DMI fibre procurement operations met the requirements of the SFI 2010-2014 Standard.

The Forest Certification Report identified good practices such as:

  • Use of aerially collected multi-band imagery for 3D visualization and mapping to better understand the stand and terrain characteristics for planning purposes.
  • Minimization of disturbance at watercourse crossings, where there was generous use of geotextile to limit siltation

The audit found DMI has adequately responded to all previous findings of non-conformity, and closed them. It identified a new minor non-conformity where one campsite maintained by a DMI contractor contained two large stationary fuel tanks that lacked markings for current registration. The audit also referenced one opportunity for improvement related to forest management planning and following best management practices.