Objectives & Targets for 2018 — Canfor Pulp

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Renewable Energy

  • Reduce power boiler natural gas usage at the Intercontinental pulp mill by 10%.
  • Modernize pulping process at the Taylor pulp mill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%. 
  • Increase biomass energy generation to 1 million MWh.
  • Start up the third turbine at the Northwood pulp mill to increase renewable energy generation.


  • Reduce water usage at all mills by 5%.
  • Improve washpress operation at Northwood pulp mill to reduce biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) loadings to the effluent treatment system. 
  • Improve non-condensable gas (NCG) collection systems to reduce odourous emissions to the Prince George airshed. 
  • Reduce particulate emissions by 5% at the Prince George Pulp & Paper mill recovery boiler. 
 Fibre Efficiency
  • Improve fibre recovery at the Prince George and Intercon pulp mills by 1.0 BDt/day.
  • Begin plans to improve fibre recovery in the brown stock screening area at the Prince George Pulp & Paper mill.
  • Reduce brown stock screen rejects by 2 kg/ADMT at the Northwood pulp mill.

Certified Products

  • Maintain an overall certified fibre supply level of 87%.


  • Achieve the company wide medical incident rate of less than 2.0.

Community and People (same as for Canfor)

  • Promote success of First Nations candidates by providing 200 individuals with resume and career advice through career fairs and other conversations, including up to 50 from 2016 to 2020 through a partnership with the Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment and Training Association. 
  • Create a procurement strategy to support First Nations businesses.
    Create Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training modules that will become a part of Canfor’s orientation program.
  • Launch the First Nations Work Experience Pilot Program. 
  • Launch the Human Resources Aboriginal Internship Program. 
  • Expand community and employee outreach in the US South. 
  • Launch enhanced respectful workplace training.
  • Expand inclusive leadership training and enhanced diversity focus of development programs. 
  • Meet with mayors of all operating communities, with a focus on opportunities for collaboration and enhanced information sharing.