Compliance – Canfor Pulp

Canfor Pulp’s commitment to transparency includes reporting on our manufacturing processes.

Minor items for manufacturing are those that are not expected to result in enforcement action.

Major items are those that have or could initiate enforcement action and which have or could cause significant damage to the environment or the company (financial or reputation).

Environmental Incidents2017-01

There were two major items in 2017 at our Northwood mill:

  • In November, a biological oxygen demand and daphnia magna acute toxicity test failed the permit levels following a production disruption. The permit protocol requires that when this happens, we must have an authorized lab conduct a rainbow trout acute test, which we passed. The mill also took steps to prevent similar upset conditions.
  • In December, the recovery boiler stack particulate permit level was exceeded. We believe the test was an anomaly because follow-up testing and continuous monitoring equipment verified that the recovery boiler was operating within key parameters but we are still required to report this.

The minor reportable incidents were related to spills, which were contained and cleaned up. Taylor Pulp had a reportable release of about 970 litres of a combination of fibre and process water in December onto the ground outside the mill. The top layer of the ground material was removed and deposited into the emergency spill pond. We continue to address each of the incidents, and have implemented corrective action to minimize the possibility of similar incidents.