Environment and Forestry Commitments

Canfor’s Forest Management System ensures all woodland operations on company forest tenures are managed sustainably, and environmental practices continue to improve.

Canfor’s Environment Policy and Sustainable Forest Management Commitments hold us accountable for responsible stewardship of the environment through our operations. Both are developed and maintained by senior executives, approved by the President and CEO and reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Canfor’s Corporate Environmental Management Committee, chaired by the Senior Vice-President, Global Supply Chain for Canfor and Canfor Pulp, provides high-level oversight and due diligence, and advises the Board of Directors about our manufacturing facility environmental and sustainable forest management performance. Among other things, the committee assesses company-wide trends, allocates resources and recommends improvements.

A Joint Environmental, Health and Safety Committee of the Board reviews and makes recommendations to the Canfor and Canfor Pulp boards about environmental, health and safety issues, and relevant policies. This includes topics such as Canfor’s efforts to maintain priority status for the protection of the environment, and the health and safety of our employees and the public. At least once a year, the committee gets out in the field, as well as reports to each full board meeting.

At least once a year, Canfor’s Forest Management Group holds a management review to evaluate whether environmental objectives and targets are being met, and to anticipate needs for change as part of a continuous improvement cycle.  

In addition to complying with legal and other requirements that apply to our operations, Canfor meets voluntary requirements related to environmental, safety and/or First Nations concerns. We regularly renew our environmental performance objectives, measure our progress toward achieving them, and make sure staff have the necessary training to meet them.