Canfor and
Anthony Forest Products

In 2015, Canfor completed a purchase agreement with Anthony Forest Products.

This agreement brings together these exceptional companies that share many values, including a reputation for safety, quality and customer service. They were all founded by families and have traditions, histories and connections that go back for generations.

Canfor is one of the largest forest products companies in the world, with 6,500 employees. Its headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia, and its operations in Canada and the southern United States produce quality lumber, pulp and paper products and energy. Anthony Forest Products is a highly successful company, with excellent management, skilled employees, and a strong network of dealers and suppliers.

Canfor and Anthony Forest Products have established collaborative teams so they can move smoothly to an integrated operating model. This will ensure local strengths and traditions are respected while the companies come together to meet the growing demand for high-quality southern yellow pine products from customers in North America and around the world.

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