Canfor Pulp and Canfor Jointly Release 2022 Sustainability Report

May 17, 2023

Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (TSX:CFX) and Canfor Corporation (TSX:CFP) jointly announce the release of the 2022 Sustainability Report, which outlines performance on environmental topics such climate change, sustainable forestry and energy management, and people-centered issues such as inclusion and diversity and Indigenous relations.

“Our deep commitment to sustainability has long been embedded in Canfor Pulp and it is well aligned with the role our climate-friendly products are playing in the transition to a low carbon economy. Our 2022 Sustainability Report outlines the progress we are making in our organization within our three pillars of people, planet and products,” says Kevin Edgson, President and CEO of Canfor Pulp. “The pulp and paper products we manufacture are playing an important role in displacing plastics and other fossil fuel-based products. We need these low-carbon, renewable products to help achieve our shared global climate change goals.”

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