Benefits of Wood

Wood costs less and delivers more, for your project and the environment.

The only renewable building material, wood is natural, grows using solar energy and stores carbon throughout its life cycle. Adaptable and versatile, wood is easily applied in structural and finishing applications, and delivers demonstrated improvements in operating energy efficiency and environmental performance.

Research and technology are expanding the role for sustainable, renewable wood fibre in non-traditional applications. Engineered wood products are opening new opportunities for wood use in commercial and multi-family structures. Beyond construction applications, wood pellets are being embraced around the world as a clean, natural bioenergy source. Wood fibre is being used in textiles and bio-plastics, reducing dependence on petroleum products while dramatically lowering the environmental impacts of these products.

Unlike other products that deplete the earth’s resources and consume fossil fuels to manufacture, wood products grow naturally and draw largely on bioenergy for their manufacture. Using wood products in place of non-renewable materials is a powerful way to reduce the environmental impact of your project.

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