High School Scholarships Selection Criteria

  1. Academic merit; and,
  2. Intent to pursue a forestry-related discipline such as:
    • Forestry;
    • Wood Products Manufacturing;
    • Process, Mechanical, or Chemical Engineering; and,
    • Industry-related trades designations, including:
      • Millwright
      • Electrician
      • Heavy Duty Mechanic
      • Power Engineer
      • Instrument and Controls Technician
      • Machinist
      • Benchperson

      Please note that Children of Canfor / Canfor Pulp employees will be given first priority, while remaining applicants will be selected based on academic performance.

  3. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, students must enroll in approved post-secondary studies in the semester immediately following high school graduation. Deferrals are not eligible under this program. Exceptions will be made for students entering trades programs that have a waitlist.
    • In such cases, Canfor must be made aware of the students' placement on the waitlist and will remain eligible for the scholarship payment for up to 18 months following the date of high school graduation.
  4. To receive payment, the student must submit tuition receipts and other information directly to Canfor. Scholarship payments will be made when the student has been accepted into their program and has paid their first semester tuition. The following information should be sent directly to donations@canfor.com by October 31:
  • A copy of the student’s registration in an eligible program, and a copy of their receipt for the first semester tuition payment;
  • Full contact information including the student’s home mailing address and the email address they can be reached at during the academic year;
  • The student’s social insurance number;
  • If applicable, the name and employee number of the Canfor or Canfor Pulp parent or guardian;
  • Tuition receipts and student information must be received by October 31.

Information for Schools: The number of scholarships available to each school is based on the size of the graduating class:

  • Graduating classes of fewer than 50 students will be eligible for one (1) $500.00 scholarship award;
  • Graduating classes of between 50 and 100 students will be eligible for two (2) $500.00 scholarship awards;
  • Graduating classes of between 100 and 150 students will be eligible for three (3) $500.00 scholarship awards;
  • Graduating classes of more than 150 students will be eligible for four (4) $500.00 scholarship awards.

Local high school scholarship committees will be responsible for selecting students for scholarships using the following criteria:

  • The student must be a permanent resident of British Columbia or Alberta, live in the school catchment area, and attend the high school making the scholarship award;
  • The student must have applied for admission to one of the specified forestry, wood products manufacturing, forestry-related engineering, or forestry industry-related trade studies at a BC or Alberta post-secondary institution, and intend to pursue a career in the forest products industry; and
  • Where there are multiple qualified applicants, children of Canfor and Canfor Pulp employees shall have first priority, with remaining scholarships awarded based on academic performance.

This program replaces all previous Canfor scholarship programs administered by high schools, except memorial awards in place in certain communities.

By May 1, 2019 and before making any award, schools are required to advise donations@canfor.com of:

  • The size of their graduating class and the number of awards they intend to make;
  • The institution and specific forestry-related post-secondary program the student has applied to;
  • The date of the school’s awards ceremony; and,
  • Whether any of the proposed award recipients are the children of Canfor or Canfor Pulp employees

Receive written confirmation for the awards from donations@canfor.com. Pre-approval is necessary for Canfor to be able to issue payment. The company will not be able to honour any scholarships awarded without proper pre-authorization.

Wherever possible, a local Canfor representative will attend award ceremonies and make the scholarship presentations to students.

HOW TO APPLY: Award recipients must be identified by local high school administration in order to avoid duplication. Recommendations by high school administration should be forwarded to donations@canfor.com.

For any other questions regarding the local scholarships program, please contact donations@canfor.com.

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